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Should I create new EOWs for each version (e.g., "Plan the Release 1 Work", "Develop and Manage Release 1 Requirements", "Plan the Release 2 Work", etc.)?

Should I then put these new EOWs inside the appropriate Release groupings in MS Project?

Finally, should I create new Tasks under each new EOW (e.g., "Plan to plan Relase 1", "Plan Release 1", etc.)?

Yes, to all of the above.

The CMMI insists that the Configuration Management process area applies not just to projects' work products but also to organizational work products. Admittedly, the concepts of 'build' and 'baseline' appear to be less applicable to organizational work products, but the concepts nevertheless are relevant. We are considering whether to make that relevancy more explicit in a future release of processMax.

In the context of the PMP portal, we only have to worry about 'internal use', since there are no deliveries to the customer of such work products. But the concepts of 'requirements baseline', 'test baseline', etc., still apply since the organizational work products still need to be developed, tested, and approved for release and use by the projects (and by the organization itself). So, for example, a Change Request requesting a change to a template might be 'Authorized for Build' if the CCB decides that it should be a candidate for release and that the CM Manager should test it (e.g., determine whether it is compatible with existing step descriptions) and decide whether it should be 'Included in Baseline No Discrepancies', 'Not Included in Baseline', or 'Included in Baseline With Discrepancies'. Generally (but not always!) such determinations are fairly trivial in the case of organizational work products.

There are some Tasks in the preperformed WBSS that either do not apply to this project (e.g., “Manage suppliers”) or we may choose not to do right now (e.g., “Deliver training sessions”). How do I get those Tasks out of the WBSS without losing the ability to use them at a later time?

Check out the WBS and save to your desktop

On the top menu bar, select ‘Insert’,
Select ‘Column’,
In ‘Field name:’, select a field name, such as ‘Number15’ (pragma Systems uses some of the earlier number fields, and we do not expect to ever get up to ‘15’, and in any case, during upgrade, we do not overwrite our customers’ work.).

Select OK.
Then, the column appears with ‘0’ in every row.
Enter a value such as ‘1’ by the Tasks that you do not want to deal with for now.

On the top menu bar, select ‘Project’,
Select ‘Filtered For:’,
Select ‘More Filters’,
Select ‘New’ button,
Enter a ‘Name:’ for the filter, such as ‘Tasks To Manage Now’
In the ‘And/Or’ column, select ‘And’,
In the ‘Field/Name’ column, select ‘Number15’,
In the ‘Test’ column’, select ‘equals’,
In the ‘Values(s)’ column, type ‘0’,
Select OK,
Select ‘Apply’.

External Agreements is a work product of class ‘report’. That means you can create separate records in External Agreements for each of your SOWs, without the need to create an additional work product for each one. When you check in an SOW, you will enter the appropriate title and identify the file to be saved. If there is a later revised SOW, you can update this same record, and enter the new file name.

Now, in 8.0, the record will also show links to all earlier files (that history was not retained in 5.0).

This is not a processMax problem. But the way to fix it is the following:

Go to start menu and type "regedit" (without quotes) in the search/run textbox, press enter

In the Registry Editor, navigate to this location: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\MSProject.Project.9

Right click in the window on the right, click New > DWORD (32-bit) Value

Name it "BrowserFlags" (without quotes)

Give it a decimal value "8" (without quotes)

Close IE and then reopen and try again.  This should fix the problem. Of course, you will need MS Project installed on your computer.

If you are using IE 11,  go to Tools/Manage add-ons/Toolbars and Extensions and set the Status of Adobe to 'Disabled'.

Also, make sure that you have followed the instructions in ‘Configuring Client Computers’ found on the home page of the processMax Support Center.