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pragma Systems was founded in 1990 as a software process improvement and assessment business and is a privately held corporation. pragma Systems was one of the first organizations awarded an assessor's license by the Software Engineering Institute to appraise the maturity of an organization's processes against the newly created Software Capability Maturity Model (SW-CMM).

It soon became apparent that the traditional approach to achieving SW-CMM compliance took much too long and was much too expensive. That approach involved hand crafting processes, and provided no integration between the processes and projects’ day-to-day work. According to statistics collected by the Software Engineering Institute, organizations using the traditional approach required an average of 2 years to achieve Level 2, and an additional 2 years to achieve Level 3. To address the inadequacies of the traditional approach, pragma Systems began the development of processMax, the first intranet, web-based solution that integrated SW-CMM compliant processes and procedures with document management and automated workflow.

In 1998, processMax was launched, and pragma Systems transitioned from a software process improvement consulting and appraisal business to focus entirely on its processMax product line.

Today our business continues to grow as processMax has seen unprecedented success in the software and systems engineering process improvement market. The addition of our CMMI product line not only provides guaranteed compliance with Level 2 and Level 3 of the CMMI, but integrates comprehensive automated measurement and reporting as well. With over 90 organizations having successfully reached their SW-CMM and CMMI compliance goals, we stand behind the strength of our product.



From the time we started our process improvement initiative, it took us roughly 12 months to achieve a successful Level 3 appraisal that spanned multiple geographic locations. Implementing processMax helped us accomplish this with uncommon speed and flair. But more importantly, thanks to processMax, we now have in place a modern process improvement framework that is proven to be flexible, extensible and scalable to meet a variety of our current and future needs.

- Information Technology Solution Provider


processMax delivered exactly what it promised - rapid compliance at minimum cost.

- Federal Government Systems Developer


When we compared the expected costs of continuing our internal process development versus implementing processMax, the path to follow was apparent.

- Independent Research Organzation


processMax gave us complete control of process deployment in every remote location and we could easily monitor process compliance.

- Multinational Software Developer


processMax saved us time, expense, and a great deal of agony.

- Federal Government Systems Integrator